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How hard can it be? Rescue the Prince and live happily ever after. Easy right? Especially for a jackal war correspondent who considered battles just another day in paradise. But what Eryk didn’t count on was a vain, determined, neurotic peacock who was turning out to be more trouble than an entire pack of Siberian wolves.

Far aka Prince Farquar von Tripp only wanted one thing, to escape his father, so he and a friend hatched a plan to marry. The only one not happy with it was his demanding peacock half. When he broke the engagement, loudly and publicly, being kidnapped by his own jackal mate probably saved him from being sold to the Grand Prince of the Russian Wolves.

Now they were on the run from the King, the Grand Prince, a bounty hunter, and the rest of the world searching for the kidnapped prince. Can an overprotective jackal and neurotic peacock find love on the run?



Eryk found himself facing a large white peacock with a decidedly pissed tilt to its beak. The peacock stomped towards him and that was no mating dance. 

Look, it was the only way to keep you and Far safe.”


I didn’t know you were terrified of water.” 

Stomp. Stomp.

Whoops, wrong way to put that. Eryk took a step back.


I didn’t know you were…” A step back.

Stomp. Stomp.

Shit. Better to not go there. Step back.


I didn’t realize Far couldn’t swim.”


Okay, they were getting somewhere. “It was only ankle deep. He should’ve realized that. And you should let him learn to swim then you both would be safe.”

Stomp. Stomp.

Shit, shit, shit. Eryk was running out of backing up room. “I won’t let it happen again.”


At his jackal’s urgings not to be a total idiot, Eryk dropped his pants and yanked his t-shirt off. 


Dropping on all fours he shifted. The peacock stopped stomping towards him and cocked his head, surveying his jackal and making an inquiring noise.

The jackal barked.

This time the steps weren’t stomps but courtly movements with the tail making a sweeping sound. Gods help them if he realized his tail was gathering dust. A soft enquiring mutter answered the bark. How about that? His jackal spoke peacock, no mind link needed which was good since the bird wasn’t speaking to any of them.

Ignoring him, the jackal continued conversing with the peacock until the bird was beside him. Sinking down the jackal laid his head between his paws. The peacock made a cooing noise and sank down beside the jackal, laying his head against the ruff. 

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