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When his lover died, Bruce was prepared to live his life alone, then Ethan entered his life and love came with just one look.


I had settled in to surf the Internet when the doorbell rang.

If it was Brett, I was going to kill him. I opened the door to a much happier face.

Big green eyes framed by reddish blond lashes looked up at me. He winked.

Dillon, get your ass in here.

Hey babe.” Dillon waltzed his 5 foot 6 inch slender frame in as if he owned the place. He grabbed me avoiding my bad shoulder and arm and gave me a big kiss.

You know hes not right behind you.

Yeah but I have to keep in practice.

Where is he?I looked out the doorway to see if I could see Dennis.

Carrying your supplies but I gather you dont need them. Your car is missing.He plopped down in my chair.

I never quite understood how he could do a boneless sprawl and look sexy. So? Why is that important?

First my news. We are getting married.

No we arent. I havent asked you.

Oh stop it. Dennis proposed and I said yes.

I need to talk to him.

He’s besotted so just forget it. He’s ecstatic.”

On cue the pack horse named Dennis came through the door. Dont mind me. Im a besotted, ecstatic fool. I need to get these into the kitchen. He insisted you needed some of the Rock Hill Dairy Farm Creamery ice cream and Im out of breath for saying that.

He vanished into my kitchen.

Congratulations Dill.

Sit.” He patted the seat next to him on the sofa and I sank into it and leaned back. That was a mistake. Dillion was on my lap in a heart beat.

My arm.

Is just fine Im no where near it and you enjoy having a hot guy on your lap.

Your ego hasnt gotten any smaller has it?

Nope. He traced the neckline of my shirt. So tell. Who is he and where did you meet him and why didnt you tell me and when did he move in and is he good in bed.


Your boyfriend.He flashed me an evil grin.

I dont have one.

Your car is gone. You wont let me drive that car.

I know how you drive. No one in their right mind would let you drive their car.I woofed as he bounced on my lap.

From the kitchen a voice called, Thanks a lot Bruce.

I yelled back You know its true but you arent in your right mind. You are a besotted ecstatic fool.

So tell.

Nothing to tell.

Who is he? The guy who is living here.

Ethan and hes just a friend from the gym. He has the back bedroom.

Damn you are getting old and slow.

How did you know anyone was living here?

Brett. He’s furious. Livid. Wild. Raging.

I interrupted him Before we go through the description about Bretts emotions what did he say?

That you were shacked up with a little gold digging slut and so infatuated by the sex you couldn’t see what he really was and you were just doing it to get even for him and Kevins fuck fest. To which I told him that if anyone knew what a little gold digging slut was, he sure would.

And thats where the screaming fit started.Dennis handed me a bottle of coke and Dill a glass of Baileys Irish Creme on the rocks. He took his beer and sat across from us. Pooka, why dont you get off the poor man. You can sit on me.

I sit on you all the time. I want to hear about this Ethan.He reached over and held my hand looking at the gold ring on the middle finger. You still have Scott’s ring on.”


So he isnt your boyfriend?

Dill, I would still wear it even if he was my boyfriend. I wont take Scotts ring off. Dennis woudnt take your ring off. Would you take his off?

I get your point so whats he like? Is he blind?

I dont know but Im not pushing him okay?

Silly boy.

I wasnt sure if he was talking about me or about Ethan.

So whats he like?

I’m going to the bathroom while you two settle this so we can talk about the wedding.Dennis vanished into the back hallway.

I heard the kitchen door open. It was just about time for him to be getting home. Dillion had that look on his face that was half devil and angel. You dont be starting anything.

I will not question him. I swear it.

Just remember that.

Had I been thinking, I would have made his swear not to tease Ethan either.

As the footsteps came closer to the doorway to the living room. Dill dropped his head on my should and gave a big sigh. He used is fuck me voice from the cologne commercial and said Oh, lover, Im so glad you are all right. I should have flown right back when I heard.

When I looked at Ethan, I knew I looked like a schoolboy who had just got caught screwing his teenage girl friend on his parent’s bed. Ethans beautiful blue eyes were wide and his face went pale then something I didnt quite understand passed over his face.

I just knew I had to get out of this, Dennis, come drag your fiances ass off of me now.

Hush darling. He doesnt need to know about this.

Dill, if you dont stop, I swear Ill beat you.

The riding crop again? Only if you wear those chaps and add some spurs this time.

Dillion.” I couldnt dislodge him because of my bad arm and even with a good arm, Dillon could clamp on like a leech that hadnt eaten in days. I heard Dennis behind me as I watched the color drain from Ethans face.

Dillion was suddenly lifted bodily from my lap. Stop it, brat. Quit tormenting Bruce. Hes wounded.

He sat Dillon down on his feet and looked at Ethan, “I’m sorry. He has a perverted sense of humor. I dont know why we put up with him.

He collapsed into the chair and Dillion decided to grace his lap instead of mine. Well, at least someone appreciates a good lap warmer.

Are you sure hes not part Pomeranian?I watched the color come back into Ethans face.

Its a good bet. They like laps too.

Ethan, these are my friends. The poor man under the Pomeranian is Dennis. We are old friend and he runs a detective agency in town. And the Pomeranian is named Dillion. He’s engaged to poor misguided Dennis and is an actor for commercials.”

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