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ARCs and Betas



ARCs have never been offered nor will they be in the future.

Goodreads states that the first edition of Standing Stone is an ARC even though it has a ASIN from Amazon and it could only be purchased.  Please do NOT check facts on Goodreads because some nitwit might screw it up as they did in this case.

I am no longer a Goodreads author because of their inaccuracy.  If you have questions you can contact me on Twitter, MeWe, Facebook, or my group. Or check this website.





BETAS: Must be able to read the book online at  If you have a WP account, you can sign in to read the book after I approve you.  Betas are vetted by me.  They comment on the chapter they are reading onsite.  If they don’t feel comfortable, they will have an email address to respond to.   Anyone saying they are a beta reader but had no way to contact me is lying.  They are pirates.

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