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I wrote my first novels in 1973 when upset by Alias Smith and Jones going off the air, I decided to write my own stories. Reading had been a part of my life since I was able to pick up a comic book so writing came naturally. I devoured books.

At 17, I was published in a medical journal when I wrote a biography for a local doctor who was featured. I was paid in office visits. I did the standard stint of writing for the school paper which considering how bad the teacher was who supervised it, didn’t dampen my interest in Journalism. I enrolled in Journalism in college only to have Woodward and Bernstein hit the front pages and found myself crowded into over crowded useless classes where I wouldn’t even get a taste of Journalism until I was in my Junior year. Right. No. Boredom hit and I made a break for the border. Actually, I joined the Navy. And spent four years hating battleship grey.

I worked in a Forensic Psych hospital with the criminally insane and continued my education, not in writing but in psych. My specialty was crisis intervention/prevention. I left in 1993 and went back to college. And I racked up degrees. It’s very easy to get another once you get one. They ranged from business, auctioneering, general studies to Ancient Mediterranean History as part of a Religious Studies degree with a focus on Ancient Israel and Modern Jewish studies. I plan on papering the den in degrees and adding a few more like Political Science, Geology and well… who knows? Whatever catches my interest.

In the 2013, someone ask about the short stories I wrote my Other Half and I pulled them out. Standing Stone, or at least the characters in it were part of those. Joe and Will became the main characters in a book and 85,000 words later with some mishaps, became Standing Stone.

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