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Alasdair wants peace and quiet with a lovely little Twink for a mate.  Dash wants a strong comforting mate who can share the duties of Pack Alpha as his Alpha Mate.   The Fates mated them.

Will it work?


All Callon wanted to be was himself but his Solis genes would make him what his mate wanted him to be.  Gunny, heart broken by a beautiful Fae knight, focused on his platoon.  His platoon focused on protecting him.  With the Marines, Callon’s father, and his genes working against them, will they find love?

Coming Soon: The Firebird and the Wolf



A brutal shooting made Detective Will Danner a wealthy man costing him everything. The last thing he was expecting at his new job was to find the love of his life,  Joe Albright, who had ghosts of his own.

When a serial killer comes to call, it will take facing all their fears to save the each other.

Firebird and wolf coming soon



The Firebird and the Wolf





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