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Be aware that pages are NOT finished. Some pages are templates not altered. The blog on the site has been removed and I have no idea why I can't get the link removed.  So hang in there.  We are moving from WP to Concrete5 but since it has been a while since I used Concrete, there is a learning curve.

Man and Wolf looking at each other

Confounded: Alasdair's Dilemma

Alasdair’s large family drove him crazy. Six loud boisterous alpha brothers made family life hell for a quiet alpha and as soon as he could, he moved out into his own home. Now the only thing missing was his mate.  His wonderful submissive beautiful little mate who was out there somewhere. He just knew it. And Fate answered him. Just not the way he had it planned out. Now he’s stuck reforming his biker bum alpha mate into something that will fit into his life.

Dash, short for Dashiell Williams Parkes III, was testing the new prototype motorcycle his company was going to produce when his mate, an alpha, slammed into him with a car. And then he proceeded to yell at him for breaking his ’61 Corvette! 

Military man standing in front of water and city

Present Uncertain

The First Solis Elf in 500 years, Callon joins the military to escape his father's plans. Unfortunately, he can't escape his Solis Genes. Sent from the Elvan Army to the Fae Honor Guard to the Fae Marines, he knows the transfers are his father's manipulations to make him marry Brant, his ex-fiancé.

Gunny, a Fae Master Gunnery Sergeant, wants nothing more than to stay away from love and take care of his platoon. Playing nursemaid to the pretty Elf Lieutenant is not on the list but he can't deny the attraction when his wings pop out every time he's around the man.

Standing Stone Cover

Standing Stone

A brutal shooting made Detective Will Danner a wealthy man but cost his best friend and partner, Detective Robert Weld, and his serenity. The one thing he was born to be was a cop. When Sheriff Ray Stettler offered him a job in his department, Will took him up on it. The last thing he was expecting when he walked in that door the first day was to find the love of his life, Deputy Sheriff, Joseph Albright.

Joe’s fundamentalist parents had beaten being straight into him. Sent to Military School because of a teen age kiss with the boy he had a crush on, he put being gay behind him except for a few hidden moments of what he considered weakness. The one time he was true to himself, disaster struck and he crawled back inside his closet.

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The Peacock and the Jackal

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