Old desk with Old Typewriter

Phil has always claimed to be a Jack of All Trades and the original slacker. He’s been on the Internet since before it was an Internet. It was merely a linking of military main frame computers at the time. He lays claim to the job titles of US Navy sailor, cook, bottle washer, Mental Health Technician, Administrative Supervisor, Forensic Psychiatric Security Guard, Starving College Student, Auctioneer, Computer Guru, and Teacher. [Staying with one job too long bored him. ]

While in high school in 1975, he was published  when he wrote a biographical article for a local doctor. Payment was office visits. After graduation, he attended college for Journalism, but the Woodward and Bernstein aftermath made getting classes extremely difficult. Since all his major classes would be in his senior year, he went into the USN for adventure, excitement and thrills  where he attended DP ‘A’ school and programmed main frame computers. The biggest thrill was turning off the lights in the room and watching the mainframe blink and the most excitement was when the disk drive locked up on payday.

After discharge, he worked in various areas before going to work in Mental Health. He worked first with behavioral control  for males 18 to 45 then with the criminally insane. Meanwhile, he picked up a variety of college credits along the way. In 1993, near burn out, he went back to college full time and proceeded to get degrees in various subjects including Ancient Religions with a focus on Mesopotamia and Israel, Business, Auctioneering, Computers, Political Science to name a few.  They eventually got wise and sent him off to the real world again.

His favorite hobby is collecting the degrees and he eventually hopes to have enough to wallpaper his den.