Phil J Harrison newsletter


First let’s be clear, I hate spam.  I also hate newsletters that consist of only buy this now, buy this now, buy this now.    I’m  bright enough to track what I am interested in and hate to be nagged.    That alone should tell  you that I won’t do any of those with this newsletter.  

What you will get is first hand information on what I am planning on writing, WIP, and current books due for release.  I will share with you a sale before it hits FB, Twitter or Amazon so you know when it goes on sale and you can grab it for yourself or a friend.  There will be exclusive clips, cut scenes, short stories from books and coming books.  You will get to know the characters better… and maybe even a note about me.    I will not nag you, beg you or demand you to do anything.  I want to create something you would look for and be happy opening which might add a bit of   happiness to your day.   No you will not get one every week.  You will get one when a new book is about to be released full of goodies.  That way you know it has something important in it and is probably worth your time glancing at.  

I do promise you this.

If you would like to give it a try [opt out anytime.  I understand mailboxes can get too full.] just fill out the form and I’ll put you on the list for the next one.