Title: Standing Stone
Published by: RPMAS Publishing
Release Date: December 2016
Pages: 318



A brutal shooting made Detective Will Danner a wealthy man but cost his best friend and partner, Detective Robert Weld, and his serenity. The one thing he was born to be was a cop. When Sheriff Ray Stettler offered him a job in his department, Will took him up on it. The last thing he was expecting when he walked in that door the first day was to find the love of his life, Deputy Sheriff, Joseph Albright.

Joe’s fundamentalist parents had beaten being straight into him.

Sent to Military School because of a teen age kiss with the boy he had a crush on, he put being gay behind him except for a few hidden moments of what he considered weakness. The one time he was true to himself, disaster struck and he crawled back inside his closet.

Can Will’s love be enough for him to make a stand? And when a serial killer comes to call, Will’s life may depend on it.



Stunning, chilling and such a lovely love story. Phil does such an awesome job on his serial killers, and this one is a doozy. I was treated to an ARC, and I am letting you know now, if you love men in law enforcement, a strong dose of murder/mystery, and hot men, then this book will knock your soxs off.

Lisa Oliver

Characterization! Oh man, this author is good at making the characters feel very real. The things they do and say are very detailed and it's the small details that make them real. Will and Joe, of course, would be highly developed. But the secondary characters are also strongly detailed. Ray (sheriff), Mac (Will's ex and an FBI agent), etc. Even characters who are barely in the book (Jim, Will's buddy) and Cain (not even ALIVE during the book) are given enough background and details that they really matter; the reader cares about them a lot. Will is one of the most appealing protagonists in recent memory. He's a survivor, he's not too proud to enjoy the 'fall out' from his tragedy, and it's obvious from the way everyone reacts to him (Jim, Ray, Mac, Henry, etc.) that he's a great person.

Mrs. Readsalot

This books has more twists, surprises, and what just happened moments then any I have read lately. Joe and Will are simply amazing, Ray is the steady influence, and Mac well you go from wanting to smack him upside the head to cuddling him to make it all better. There is everything in this book: humor, hot scenes, love, fights, tears, suspense, and the ending. Just no words. Between the growls, llamas, and the boots, you have to read.


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