Betas and ARCs

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I do not and have never issued ARCs. 


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Betas are selected by me.  They are those known to me via groups, the forum on Gay Romance authors, or on Facebook/Twitter.  The book is located on where they can comment at the bottom of a chapter.  If they need other arrangements, I discuss this with them.  

Replies and comments are made on the chapter in pressbooks, in the secret group for approved betas, or on Facebook via PM.  You will also have access to an email address if these present a problem for you.   

At NO time is an ARC handed to an unknown person.  If a person says they are my beta and I gave them no way to contact me, they are lying.  Also I do NOT hand out ARCs for reviews.  

This notice was necessary because of someone claiming they got the book ARC from me for a review and then complaining I didn’t give a way for Betas to contact me.  Since they didn’t have the information, I did NOT send them an ARC, and they were NOT a reviewer nor a Beta.